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Congo Brazzaville is a country of Equatorial Africa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It has a big potential but is very poor, torn by a long civil war, and has serious social-economic problems, due to political instability: urban overpopulation, extreme poverty associated with the high cost of living, food vulnerability, subsistence farming, absence of non-rural activities, widespread unemployment, lack of basic services such as health and education. Amurt Congo has very few resources and works among many difficulties however it can run a small program of considerable impact.  It operates in Brazzaville with a project for abandoned children and other needy groups, in agreement with the local government. The program is composed by three projects: the management of a Family Home for children in need, the management of a Primary School and the basic feeding for the Street Children. The Family Home is called Maison de la Lumière pour les Enfants where are living 20 orphan children and 2 single mothers. La Maison de la Lumière is a facility made available by the local authorities and is very run down, so much so that there are makeshift toilet facilities. The guests are from 3 to 16 years and attend the Amurt school, the oldest are students at technical schools in the city. Amurt takes care of these kids and single mothers, thanks to funds raised in Italy with distance adoptions.
The project of the Childhood Education develops in the management of a Primary Public School in Brazzaville, in a poor neighborhood close to that of Maison de la Lumière. Here  every day are greeted 80 children. Teachers and school staff are all Amurt volunteers. Educational programs are agreed with the Ministry of Education and are supplemented by other disciplines as civic and spiritual education. In addition to basic education, the school provides to the children a daily meal, given the poverty of their families this is very important for the wellness and development of the children. The feeding project of Street Children is grafted with Basic Education, because for the preparation of foodstuffs uses the same structures The project consists in the daily preparation and distribution, in a point of the city and at a set time, of a daily meal to the street children who requests. The program assists 100 children. The meal consists mainly of manioc porridge with proteins of local origin. This program is very important because studied for one of the most vulnerable social groups, often victim of malnutrition and urban violence. This is a very interesting project easily replicable, its costs are very modest and gives great benefits to these children who would otherwise be left on their own
For helping
it is possible to help the children of Family Houses through distance adoption. This is the fastest way to provide them food, health care and education. , you can also send donations on site will be decided where allocated the money, whether to the basic education or to the feeding project for street children.
Amurt Congo also requires the presence of expatriate volunteer staff, with several and different competences, for a cooperation on site, the duration of the stay and the tasks will be agreed together.

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