Amurt’s greatest strength is its widespread presence in many of the most affected areas of the planet and its depth humanity and commitment to national and international cooperation that characterizes its volunteers who don’t get a salary.

Amurt Italia is particularly focused on managing and developing Children’s Homes, awareness campaigns at schools, humanitarian missions and fund raising to realise projects all over the world. Amurtel is part of Amurt Global and it is involved in helping women and children.


According to Amurt’s belief, there are no ready-made solutions for problems related to poverty. Every situation is unique and requires its own local solution.

Amurt’s staff is composed by experienced and life-long volunteers who have been living and working for years in the areas of intervention: this means that the association can avail of the volunteers’ collaboration for sending donations, providing faster emergency intervention and checking projects.


The volunteers based in the area they serve, know the territory very well and work involving local people. The activities of the referring volunteer are not only receiving and managing funds for specific projects, but also he/she is considered the referee who has to send periodically the detailed résumés with reached goals, work progress and costs.

This modus operandi is a guarantee and an element of transparency towards public and private sponsors.

Also Amurt Italia technical staff is involved in projects whose aim is to monitor and record the gained results through abroad missions.

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